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Oaklands Carp & Cat Lake

With great Mirror, Leather & Common Carp, Catfish and Grass Carp we’ll supply you all that’s needed to simply relax and enjoy catching some wonderful, hard fighting fish.

Carp fishing trips to remember.

Oaklands Lake is a 7 acre spring fed lake and contains  some beautiful looking Carp.  But, in our opinion, what is most impressive is their sheer power.

No matter how you get into our local Airports, be it via Limoges or Brive , or private jet if you prefer, we can be there to collect you and your gear; the Lake is only 40 minutes from  airports so you can be fishing before you know it.  Alternatively, Ferry across by DFDS or P&O (others are available) and bring all your kit.

If you’ve booked a ‘tackle inclusive deal’ your swim will be loaded with your kit and off you go.  Better still if you managed to book the ‘all inclusive meal deal’ you’ll be enjoying a great breakfast, lunch or dinner (depending on your arrival time) as soon as we get back to base.

You can then look forward to excellent food during your stay and go home relaxed, happy that you’ve caught some big carp and having enjoyed some great international cuisine and wines too!

Oaklands Lake doesn’t purport to be the largest or best, neither do we have the biggest Carp or Catfish nor indeed any other boasts - all we promise is ‘the fish are there to catch and we’ll make your stay as enjoyable and fulfilling as we possibly can’.

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View from the Island Swim